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The ideal partner for your business

We look for software companies with the following characteristics:

Founder owned and looking for 100% sale

North American based software business that is founder controlled and looking for a full buyout or majority investment.

Profitable or close to break-even

The business has a history of generating strong operating margins. At a minimum, it must be running at break-even cash flow. 

Growth potential

Track record of consistent and sustainable growth (>10%). Serving a growing end market with strong future potential.

At least $5M in revenue

Greater than 60% of the revenue is recurring software revenue (i.e. maintenance and/or SaaS). History of low customer churn.

Mission critical software

Full-scale ERP software solution serving a niche industry segment. There are multiple end users who rely on the software daily.

Strong company culture

We like to partner with passionate management teams who have built a culture that employees both respect and admire. 

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