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We invest in, and partner with, great software companies.

We are a passionate team of entrepreneurs who are focused on finding exceptional software businesses to own and grow over the long run. We offer a unique solution for owners who are exploring succession planning options or seeking to accelerate growth. 

We know software.

Sumeet Rahal
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Will Zhao 2022 resized_edited_edited_edi
Will Zhao
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

We have 20 years of combined experience which includes investing in and building industry leading vertical market software businesses. We've also sat on both sides of the table and truly understand the unique challenges that founders face when looking to sell the business they worked so hard to build.

Family is our North Star and guides everything that we do. Our personal philosophies are deeply aligned and anchored around a view that great things happen when you're focused on creating value for others. 

What makes us different?

Long-term focus

Our permanent capital base allows us to provide your employees and customers with a safe and stable long-term home. We're entirely focused on continuing to build upon the legacy you've created.

Built by entrepreneurs

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and a culture that truly embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. We aren't a private equity fund or a "buy-and-hold" corporate acquirer.

Growth mind-set

Your people are your greatest asset. We believe personal and professional growth go hand in hand. We'll continue to provide your employees with opportunities to grow and develop their careers.

We are the ideal partner for your business.

We're looking for companies with the following characteristics:

Founder owned

North American based software business that is founder owned and looking for a 100% sale or majority investment.


The business has a history of generating strong operating margins. At a minimum, it must be running at break-even cash flow. 

Modern technology

A modern technology stack that is flexible and will continue to scale with the evolving needs of end customers.

At least $3M in revenue

Greater than 75% of the revenue is recurring software revenue (i.e. maintenance or SaaS) with a history of low customer churn.

Mission critical software

Proprietary software solutions serving a niche industry segment. There are multiple end users who rely on the software daily.

Growth potential

Track record of consistent and sustainable growth (>10%), serving a growing end market with strong future potential.

Our acquisition process is efficient and transparent.


We respect the value of your time and will respond within 24 hours


We have experience completing dozens of acquisitions and we will work with you to close the acquisition within 90 days


We'll provide you with a valuation and offer letter within 10 days


We'll work with you to ensure a smooth transition

If you are thinking about selling, we want to speak to you.

Complete the form and our team will reach out for a confidential introductory conversation 

Thanks for submitting!

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